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Import Dates and Times from Text Files

Formatted dates and times (such as '01/01/01' or '12:30:45') are not numeric fields. MATLAB® interprets dates and times in files as text unless you specify that they should be interpreted as date and time information. When reading a text file using textscan or readtable, indicate date and time data using the %D format specifier. Additionally, you can specify a particular date and time format using %{fmt}D, where fmt is the date and time format. For example, the format specifier, %{dd/MMM/yyyy}D, describes the datetime format, day/month/year.

You can use the Import Tool to import formatted dates and times as datetime values. Specify the formats of dates and times, using the drop-down menu for each column. You can select from a predefined date format, or enter a custom format.

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