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Locale settings and messages


Set Locale on Windows Platforms

MATLAB® reads the user locale and system locale on Windows® platforms.

Set Locale on Linux Platforms

To specify the locale to be used by MATLAB on Linux® platforms, use the LANG environment variable.

Set Locale on Mac Platforms

MATLAB reads the user locale setting on the Apple macOS platform.

Locale Settings for MATLAB Process

The locale setting defines the language of your user interface and the display formats for information like time, date, and currency.

Numbers Display Period for Decimal Point

MATLAB reads the user locale for all categories except for the numeric category (which is equivalent with LC_NUMERIC).

MATLAB Desktop Language Preference

MathWorks® provides localized versions of MATLAB for selected non-English platforms.


Characters Incorrectly Displayed on Windows Systems

The user locale and system locale must be the same value on the Microsoft® Windows platform.

File or Folder Names Incorrectly Displayed

On Windows and Linux platforms, characters used in file or folder names must be in the supported character set.

Script Compatibility

Non-7-bit ASCII characters in plain text files, such as MATLAB scripts or functions, created with one locale setting might not be compatible with a different locale setting.

datenum Might Not Return Correct Value

The results of the datenum function vary depending on the locale.

Limitations to International Character Support

MATLAB does not support non 7-bit ASCII characters in several features.

Unexpected Behavior on Mac Platforms

MATLAB ignores the customized portion of the locale setting on Mac platforms.

X Servers and International Keyboard Layouts

Older X servers might not recognize international keyboard layouts and can produce incorrect characters in Simulink®.