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Character Strings

A character string is a sequence of any number of characters enclosed in single quotes. You can assign a string to a variable.

myText = 'Hello, world';

If the text includes a single quote, use two single quotes within the definition.

otherText = 'You''re right'
otherText =

You're right

myText and otherText are arrays, like all MATLAB® variables. Their class or data type is char, which is short for character.

whos myText
  Name        Size            Bytes  Class    Attributes

  myText      1x12               24  char               

You can concatenate strings with square brackets, just as you concatenate numeric arrays.

longText = [myText,' - ',otherText]
longText =

Hello, world - You're right

To convert numeric values to strings, use functions, such as num2str or int2str.

f = 71;
c = (f-32)/1.8;
tempText = ['Temperature is ',num2str(c),'C']
tempText =

Temperature is 21.6667C

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