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Link (H5L)

Links in file


H5L.copy Copy link from source location to destination location
H5L.create_external Create soft link to external object
H5L.create_hard Create hard link
H5L.create_soft Create soft link
H5L.delete Remove link
H5L.exists Determine if link exists
H5L.get_info Information about link
H5L.get_name_by_idx Information about link specified by index
H5L.get_val Value of symbolic link
H5L.iterate Iterate over links
H5L.iterate_by_name Iterate through links in group specified by name
H5L.move Rename link
H5L.visit Recursively iterate through links in group specified by group identifier
H5L.visit_by_name Recursively iterate through links in group specified by location and group name
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