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Logical Operations

True or false (Boolean) conditions

The logical data type represents true or false states using the numbers 1 and 0, respectively. Certain MATLAB® functions and operators return logical values to indicate fulfillment of a condition. You can use those logical values to index into an array or execute conditional code. For more information, see how to Find Array Elements That Meet a Condition.


Logical Operators: Short-circuit Logical operations with short-circuiting
and Find logical AND
not Find logical NOT
or Find logical OR
xor Find logical exclusive-OR
all Determine if all array elements are nonzero or true
any Determine if any array elements are nonzero
false Logical 0 (false)
find Find indices and values of nonzero elements
islogical Determine if input is logical array
logical Convert numeric values to logicals
true Logical 1 (true)
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