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Add Folders to Search Path Upon Startup

Use a startup.m File on Any Platform

The startup.m file is for specifying startup options. You can add folders to the search path by including addpath statements in startup.m. For example, to add the specified folders, /home/username/mytools to the search path, include this statement:

addpath /home/username/mytools

For more information, see Specify Startup Options.

Set MATLABPATH Environment Variable on UNIX or Macintosh

On UNIX® and Macintosh platforms, you can define a secondary userpath by setting the MATLABPATH environment variable. By default, MATLAB® adds userpath to the search path upon startup.

This example shows how to add two folders, /home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine and /home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine/research, to the search path upon startup on a UNIX platform. The procedure is similar for Macintosh platforms.

Assume userpath is set to the default value on a UNIX platform with a csh shell, where j is your home folder. That is, the primary userpath is /home/j/Documents/MATLAB. In a terminal, set the MATLABPATH environment variable. Separate multiple folders using a colon (:):

setenv MATLABPATH '/home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine':'/home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine/research'

MATLAB displays



The two folders, /home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine and /home/j/Documents/MATLAB/mine/research, are set as the secondary userpath. They are both added to the search path upon startup, as long as the shell runs. To set the secondary userpath for all future MATLAB sessions, set the MATLABPATH environment variable in your startup script.

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