Set Command Window Preferences

You can customize the visual display of the Command Window and command output within it.

On the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > Command Window, and then adjust preference options as described in the table below.

Text display

Select a Numeric format option to specify the output format of numeric values in the Command Window.

For details, see Format Floating-Point Numbers.

Select a Numeric display option to specify whether blank lines appear in Command Window output. To suppress blank lines, select compact. To display blank lines, select loose.


Select Wrap lines to make each line of input or output in the Command Window break into multiple lines to fit within the current width of the Command Window.

For details, see Wrap Lines of Code to Fit Window Width.

Select Set matrix display width to eighty columns to limit the width of matrix output.

    Note:   If you also select Wrap lines, and the width of the Command Window is less than 80 characters, each row of 80 characters of matrix output wraps to fit within the width of the Command Window.

Select Show getting started message bar to display the Command Window message bar that provides links to introductory information.

Select Show function browser button to display the Function Browser button to the left of the prompt in the Command Window. You can use the Function Browser to search for MATLAB® functions.

Select Suggest corrections for mistyped functions and variables to display suggestions in the Command Window. If you enter an undefined function, variable name, or MATLAB operator, MATLAB displays:

Did you mean:

followed by a suggested command at the command line. You can press Enter to execute that command, or Esc to delete the suggestion.

Number of lines in command window scroll buffer specifies the maximum number of lines displayed in the Command Window. A larger scroll buffer provides a larger base for search features, but requires more memory. By default, the scroll buffer is set to 5,000 lines.

The scroll buffer size does not impact the number of lines you can recall. By default, you can use the up arrow key ↑ to recall all lines shown in the Command History window, regardless of how many lines you can see in the Command Window.

Tab key

Tab size specifies the number of spaces assigned to the tab key.

    Note:   This setting does not apply if you have enabled tab completion. To change tab completion settings, on the Home tab, select Preferences > Keyboard.

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