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Error Log Reporting

Upon startup, if MATLAB® detects an error log generated by a serious problem during the previous session, then an Error Log Reporter prompts you to email the log to MathWorks® for analysis. The error log contains the stack trace and information about the MATLAB software configuration. If the problem occurs repeatedly, then make note of what seems to cause it, look for information about it in the MathWorks Bug Reports database, and if the problem is reproducible, submit a Service Request via

Emailing Error Log Reports

There are some situations where the Error Log Reporter does not open, for example, when you start MATLAB with a -r option or run in deployed mode. It also does not open if you selected the Never Send option the last time the Error Log Reporter opened. If you experience abnormal termination but do not see the Error Log Reporter on subsequent startups, then you can email the reports instead. To locate the error log reports, type:


Copy the contents of the file into the body of an email message and send to After you send the log file, delete it or move it to another location. If you do not delete it, then the Error Log Reporter might detect it on the next startup and prompt you to send it, even if you already did.

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