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Set Keyboard Preferences

Keyboard preferences enable you to set tab completion, function hints, and delimiter matching in the Command Window and Editor.


Keyboard preference changes do not apply in live scripts.

To set Keyboard Preferences, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > Keyboard, and then adjust preference options as described in this table.


Tab completion

Select the tool or tools in which you want the Tab key to complete names known to MATLAB® after you type the first few letters of the name.

For details, see Automatic Code Suggestions and Completions.

Select Tab key narrow completions to have MATLAB continue to reduce the list of possible names for completion as you type each additional character and press the Tab key.

Function hints

Specify the selected tool or tools that you want to display syntax function hints.

When enabled, if you type a function name with an opening parenthesis, and then pause, a tooltip opens showing the basic syntax for the function. For example:

For details, see Function Syntax Hints.

Delimiter Matching

Specify when and if MATLAB alerts you to matched and mismatched delimiters. Delimiters include parentheses, brackets, braces, and, in the Editor only, paired keywords.

If you select Match while typing, MATLAB alerts you to matched and mismatched delimiters as you type.

If you select Match on arrow key, MATLAB alerts you to matched and mismatched delimiters when you move the cursor over a delimiter using an arrow key.

For details, see Delimiter Matching.

Select one of these Show match with options to specify how MATLAB indicates matching delimiters:

  • Balance — The corresponding delimiter highlights briefly (default).

  • Underline — Both delimiters in the pair display underlines briefly.

  • Highlight — Both delimiters in the pair highlight briefly.

Select one of these Show mismatch with options to specify how MATLAB indicates mismatched delimiters

  • Beep — MATLAB beeps.

  • Strikethrough — The delimiter you type appears crossed out briefly (default).

  • None — There is no alert.

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