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Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Variable Elements

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to move among variable elements in the Variables editor. You cannot modify these keyboard shortcuts.


Keyboard Shortcut

Commit changes to an element and move to next element.

Variables Preferences enable you to specify what the next element is (the default is down).


Move right.

Within a selection, also moves from the last column to the first column in the next row.


Move in opposite direction of Enter or Tab.

Shift+Enter or Shift+Tab

Move up m rows, where m is the number of visible rows.

Page Up

Move down m rows, where m is the number of visible rows.

Page Down

Move to column 1.


Move to row 1, column 1.


Edit current element, positioning cursor at the end of the element.

F2 (Ctrl+U on Apple Macintosh platforms)

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