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Macintosh Platform Conventions

Mouse Instructions and Macintosh Platforms

The documentation typically presents conventions for Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Therefore, some conventions and operations differ on the Macintosh platform from those that appear in the rest of the documentation. The intended action for the Macintosh platform is typically obvious. Mouse operations follow Macintosh conventions.

Make the following replacements to adjust documented mouse instructions for Macintosh platforms if you are using a one-button mouse:

  • Replace right-click with Ctrl+click

  • Replace middle-click with Command+click

Navigating Within the MATLAB Root Folder on Macintosh Platforms

On Macintosh platforms, MATLAB® is installed as an application bundle. The root folder, the string returned by the matlabroot command, has a .app extension.

To view the contents of the MATLAB root folder in the Mac Finder, right-click the MATLAB application bundle, and then select Show Package Contents from the context menu.

To view the content of the MATLAB root folder from within MATLAB:

  1. On the Home tab, in the File section, click

  2. In the File Browser dialog box, press Command+Shift+G to open the Go To Folder dialog box.

  3. Enter the full path to the MATLAB folder, for example, /Applications/

  4. Press Go.

To open a file with a MATLAB command, such as edit, specify the full path of the MATLAB root folder. For example:


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