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MathWorks File Extensions

This table lists some common MathWorks® file extensions.

File ExtensionDescription
.figMATLAB® Figure.
.mMATLAB Code — A MATLAB script, function, or class.
.mlxMATLAB Live Script — A MATLAB live script.
.matMATLAB Data — Binary file that stores MATLAB variables.
Simulink® Model.
Simulink Protected Model.

Simulink Cache — File that stores build artifacts.


Simulink Requirement Set — File that stores requirement artifacts.


Simulink Link Set — File that stores requirement link artifacts.

MATLAB MEX — Shared library files that can be dynamically loaded into MATLAB. The MEX-file extensions are platform-dependent.
.mlappMATLAB App File — App created using MATLAB App Designer.
.mlappinstallMATLAB App Installer File — Opens Installer for MATLAB app.
.mlpkginstallSupport Package Installer File — Opens Installer for a support package.
.mltbxMATLAB Toolbox File — Opens Installer for a toolbox.
.mnMuPAD® Notebook
.muMuPAD Code
.pMATLAB P-Code — Protected function file.
.slddSimulink Data Dictionary.

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