Setting Locale on Mac Platforms

To set the user locale (region) on Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10:

  1. Select System Preferences >Language & Region.

  2. Select an item from the Region menu.

To set the UI (preferred) language:

  1. From the Language & Region menu, either drag an existing item to the top of the Preferred languages list, or select the + button to add a language.

  2. MATLAB® detects the latest setting; you do not need to restart your system.

Changing the preferred language might change the locale to a value that MATLAB does not support. When this happens, you might see garbled text or incorrect characters. To fix this problem, change the Format language value:

  1. From the Language & Region menu, change the Preferred languages value to the original value.

  2. Click the Advanced... button, and make note of the Format language value.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Change the Preferred languages value back to your preferred language.

  5. Click the Advanced... button again. If the Format language value changed, reselect the original language value.

    Note:   If your user-specified locale is not supported, MATLAB uses the default locale en_US.US-ASCII.

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