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Start MATLAB on Macintosh Platforms

Choose one of the following to start MATLAB® on Macintosh computers:

  • Double-click the MATLAB icon in the Applications folder.

  • Open a Terminal window, navigate to your MATLAB installation folder, and type matlab at the operating system prompt.


After starting MATLAB, the desktop opens. Desktop components that were open when you last shut down MATLAB are opened on startup. If the DISPLAY environment variable is not set or is invalid, the desktop does not display.

If MATLAB fails to start due to a problem with required system components such as Java® software, diagnostics run automatically and advise you of the problem, along with suggestions to correct it.

If you have trouble starting MATLAB, see Troubleshooting topics in the Installation Guide.

You can specify the current folder upon startup as well as other options—for more information, see MATLAB Startup Folder and Startup Options.

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