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Start MATLAB on Windows Platforms

Ways to Start MATLAB

There are several ways to start MATLAB® on a Microsoft® Windows® platform. In these instructions, Release refers to your MATLAB release number, for example, R2016b.

  • On Windows 10 systems, Start > All apps > MATLAB Release

  • On Windows 8 systems, on the Start screen or the desktop click MATLAB Release.

  • On Windows 7 systems, if you chose to have the installer put a shortcut to the MATLAB program on the Windows Start menu, select Start > MATLAB Release

  • If you chose to have the installer create a shortcut, double-click the MATLAB shortcut on your Windows desktop.

  • Double-click a file with any of a number of file extensions in the Windows Explorer tool. The installer sets up associations between these file types and MathWorks® products during installation. For example, double-clicking a file with a .m extension starts MATLAB and opens the file in the MATLAB Editor. For more information, see Associating Files with MATLAB on Windows Platforms.

  • From the Windows system prompt, type matlab.

After starting MATLAB, the desktop opens. Desktop components that were open when you last shut down MATLAB are opened on startup. You can specify other startup options, such the initial working folder—for more information, see Specify Startup Options and MATLAB Startup Folder.

If you have trouble starting MATLAB, see Troubleshooting Installation in the Installation Guide.

Speeding Up MATLAB Start Up on Windows Systems

On Windows systems, the MathWorks Installer installs and configures a utility program that can speed up MATLAB startup, called the MATLAB Startup Accelerator. For information about this program, including information about how to modify the configuration, see Start the License Manager in the License Management documentation.

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