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Pass Complex Data to MATLAB from C# Client

This example creates complex data in the client C# program and passes it to MATLAB®. The matrix consists of a vector of real values in variable pr and of imaginary values in pi. The example reads the matrix back into the C# program.

The reference to the MATLAB Type Library for C# is:

MLApp.MLApp matlab = new MLApp.MLApp();

From your C# client program, add a reference to your project to the MATLAB COM object. For example, in Microsoft® Visual Studio®, open your project. From the Project menu, select Add Reference. Select the COM tab in the Add Reference dialog box. Select the MATLAB application.

Here is the complete example:

using System;
namespace ConsoleApplication4
class Class1
static void Main(string[] args)
MLApp.MLApp matlab = new MLApp.MLApp(); 

System.Array pr = new double[4];

System.Array pi = new double[4];

matlab.PutFullMatrix("a", "base", pr, pi);

System.Array prresult = new double[4];
System.Array piresult = new double[4];

matlab.GetFullMatrix("a", "base", ref prresult, ref piresult);

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