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Build Engine Applications with IDE

Configuring the IDE

If your integrated development environment (IDE) has a MATLAB®-supported compiler, you can use the IDE to build engine applications. For an up-to-date list of supported compilers, see the Supported and Compatible Compilers website.

Engine applications require the Engine Library libeng, the Matrix Library libmx, and supporting include files. When you build using the mex command, MATLAB is configured to locate these files. When you build in your IDE, you must configure the IDE to locate them. Where these settings are depends on your IDE. Refer to your product documentation.

Engine Include Files

Header files contain function declarations with prototypes for the routines you access in the API libraries. These files are in the matlabroot\extern\include folder and are the same for Windows®, Mac, and Linux® systems. Engine applications use:

  • engine.h — function prototypes for engine routines.

  • matrix.h — definition of the mxArray structure and function prototypes for matrix access routines.

In your IDE, set the pre-processor include path to the value returned by the following MATLAB command:


Engine Libraries

You need the libeng and libmx shared libraries. The name of the file is platform-specific. Add these library names to your IDE configuration. Refer to your IDE product documentation for instructions.

Windows Libraries


  • Engine library — matlabroot/extern/lib/win64/microsoft/libeng.lib

  • MATLAB matrix library — matlabroot/extern/lib/win64/microsoft/libmx.lib


  • Engine library — matlabroot/extern/lib/win64/mingw64/libeng.lib

  • MATLAB matrix library — matlabroot/extern/lib/win64/mingw64/libmx.lib

Linux Libraries

  • Engine library — matlabroot/extern/bin/glnxa64/

  • MATLAB matrix library — matlabroot/extern/bin/glnxa64/

Mac Libraries

  • Engine library — matlabroot/extern/bin/maci64/libeng.dylib

  • MATLAB matrix library — matlabroot/extern/bin/maci64/libmx.dylib

Library Files Required by libeng

The libeng library requires additional third-party library files. MATLAB uses these libraries to support Unicode® character encoding and data compression in MAT-files.

These library files must reside in the same folder as the libmx library. You can determine what these libraries are using the platform-specific commands shown in the following table. Once you identify these files, update your IDE.

Library Dependency Commands


See the following instructions for Dependency Walker

ldd -d libeng.sootool -L libeng.dylib

On Windows systems, to find library dependencies, use the third-party product Dependency Walker. Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans Windows modules and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. For each module found, it lists all the functions exported by that module, and which of those functions are called by other modules. Download the Dependency Walker utility from the website See for information on using the Dependency Walker.

Drag and drop the libeng.dll file into the Depends window. Identify the dependent libraries and add them to your IDE configuration.

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