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Data flow control method to use


You can configure FlowControl to be none, hardware, or software. If FlowControl is none, data flow control (handshaking) is not used. If FlowControl is hardware, hardware handshaking is used to control data flow. If FlowControl is software, software handshaking is used to control data flow.

Hardware handshaking typically utilizes the Request to Send (RTS) and Clear to Send (CTS) pins to control data flow. Software handshaking uses control characters (Xon and Xoff) to control data flow. For more information about handshaking, see Controlling the Flow of Data: Handshaking.

You can return the value of the CTS pin with the PinStatus property. You can specify the value of the RTS pin with the RequestToSend property. However, if FlowControl is hardware, and you specify a value for RequestToSend, that value might not be honored.


Although you might be able to configure your device for both hardware handshaking and software handshaking at the same time, MATLAB® does not support this behavior.


Read only


Data type




No flow control is used.


Hardware flow control is used.


Software flow control is used.

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