MATLAB Automation Server Functions and Properties

Executing Commands in the MATLAB Server

The client program can execute commands in the MATLAB® server using these functions.



Execute MATLAB command in server. Use to execute a command that can be expressed in a single string.


Evaluate MATLAB command in server. Use when you cannot express commands in a single string.

Exchanging Data with the Server

MATLAB provides functions to read and write data to any workspace of a MATLAB server. In these commands, pass the name of the variable to read or write, and the name of the workspace holding that data.



Get character array from server


Get matrix from server


Get any type of data from server


Store character array in server


Store matrix in server


Store any type of data in server

Controlling the Server Window

These functions enable you to make the server window visible or to minimize it.



Display server window on Windows® desktop


Minimize size of server window

Terminating the Server Process

When you are finished with the MATLAB server, quit the MATLAB session.



Quit the MATLAB session

To quit MATLAB, type:


To release the MATLAB object, type:

clear h

Data Types For Visual Basic .NET Clients

Data types for the arguments and return values of the server functions are expressed as Automation data types, which are language-independent types defined by the Automation protocol.

For example, BSTR is a wide-character string type defined as an Automation type, and is the same data format used by the Visual Basic® language to store strings. Any COM-compliant controller should support these data types, although the details of how you declare and manipulate these are controller specific.

Using the Visible Property

You have the option of making MATLAB visible or not by setting the Visible property. When visible, MATLAB appears on the desktop, enabling the user to interact with it. This might be useful for such purposes as debugging. When not visible, the MATLAB window does not appear, thus perhaps making for a cleaner interface and also preventing any interaction with the application.

By default, the Visible property is enabled, or set to 1. You can change the Visible property by setting it to 0 (invisible) or 1 (visible).

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