Pass System.String Arguments

Call .NET Methods with System.String Arguments

If an input argument to a .NET method is System.String, you can pass a MATLAB® string. MATLAB automatically converts a char array (string) argument into System.String. For example, the following code uses the System.DateTime.Parse method to convert a date represented by a string into a DateTime object:

strDate = '01 Jul 2010 3:33:02 GMT';
convertedDate = System.DateTime.Parse(strDate);

To view the function signature for the System.DateTime.Parse method, type:


Search the list for Parse.

QualifiersReturn TypeNameArguments
StaticSystem.DateTime RetValParse(System.String s)

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Use System.String in MATLAB

This example shows how to use a System.String object in a MATLAB function.

Create an object representing the current time.

netDate = System.DateTime.Now;
thisTime = ToShortTimeString(netDate);
ans =

The current time, thisTime, is a System.String object.

To display thisTime in MATLAB, use the char function to convert the System.String object to a MATLAB string.

disp(['The time is ' char(thisTime)])

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