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Name of the record file


You configure RecordName to be the name of the record file. You can specify any value for RecordName - including a directory path - provided the file name is supported by your operating system.

MATLAB® software supports any file name supported by your operating system. However, if you access the file with a MATLAB command, you might need to specify the file name using single quotes. For example, suppose you name the record file My Record.txt. To type this file at the MATLAB command line, you must include the name in quotes.

type('My Record.txt')

You can specify whether data and event information are saved to one disk file or to multiple disk files with the RecordMode property. If RecordMode is index, the filename follows a prescribed set of rules. For a description of these rules, see Specifying a Filename.

You can configure RecordName only when the object is not recording. You terminate recording with the record function. An object that is not recording has a RecordStatus property value of off.


Read only

While recording

Data type



The default record filename is record.txt.

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