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Shared Library shrlibsample

MATLAB® includes a sample external library called shrlibsample. The library is in the folder matlabroot\extern\examples\shrlib.

View the source code in MATLAB.

edit([matlabroot '/extern/examples/shrlib/shrlibsample.c'])
edit([matlabroot '/extern/examples/shrlib/shrlibsample.h'])

To use the shrlibsample library, choose one of the following.

  • Add the folder to your MATLAB path:

  • Make the folder your current working folder:


Load the library and display the MATLAB signatures for the functions in the library.

libfunctions shrlibsample -full
Functions in library shrlibsample:

[double, doublePtr] addDoubleRef(double, doublePtr, double)
double addMixedTypes(int16, int32, double)
[double, c_structPtr] addStructByRef(c_structPtr)
double addStructFields(c_struct)
c_structPtrPtr allocateStruct(c_structPtrPtr)
voidPtr deallocateStruct(voidPtr)
lib.pointer exportedDoubleValue
lib.pointer getListOfStrings
doublePtr multDoubleArray(doublePtr, int32)
[lib.pointer, doublePtr] multDoubleRef(doublePtr)
int16Ptr multiplyShort(int16Ptr, int32)
doublePtr print2darray(doublePtr, int32)
cstring readEnum(Enum1)
[cstring, cstring] stringToUpper(cstring)
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