Set Up Fortran Examples

The Fortran Matrix Library API provides a set of Fortran routines that handle the types supported by MATLAB®. For each data type, there is a specific set of functions that you can use for data manipulation.

Source code for Fortran examples is located in the matlabroot/extern/examples/refbook folder of your MATLAB installation. To build an example, first copy the file to a writable folder, such as c:\work, on your path:


where filename is the name of the example.

Make sure that you have a Fortran compiler installed. Then, at the MATLAB command prompt, type:

mex filename.F

where filename is the name of the example.

This section looks at source code for the examples. Unless otherwise specified, the term "MEX file" refers to a source file.

For a list of MEX example files available with MATLAB, see Table of MEX File Source Code Files.

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