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Write Data to Excel Spreadsheet Using ActiveX

This example shows how to write a MATLAB® matrix to an Excel® spreadsheet. For alternatives to exporting MATLAB data to a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, see the functions and examples in Spreadsheets.

Create an Excel object.

e = actxserver('Excel.Application');

Add a workbook.

eWorkbook = e.Workbooks.Add;
e.Visible = 1;

Make the first sheet active.

eSheets = e.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets;
eSheet1 = eSheets.get('Item',1);

Put MATLAB data into the worksheet.

A = [1 2; 3 4];
eActivesheetRange = get(e.Activesheet,'Range','A1:B2');
eActivesheetRange.Value = A;

Read the data back into MATLAB, where array B is a cell array.

eRange = get(e.Activesheet,'Range','A1:B2');
B = eRange.Value;

Convert the data to a double matrix. Use the following command if the cell array contains only scalar values.

B = reshape([B{:}],size(B));

Save the workbook in a file.


If the Excel program displays a dialog box about saving the file, select the appropriate response to continue.

If you saved the file, then close the workbook.

eWorkbook.Saved = 1;

Quit the Excel program and delete the server object.


    Note:   Make sure that you close workbook objects you create to prevent potential memory leaks.

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