Using MEX Script Options to Custom Build

The mex build script is sufficient for building MEX-files. Following are reasons that you might need more detailed information:

  • You want to use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), rather than the provided script, to build MEX-files.

  • You want to exercise more control over the build process than the script uses.

Use the mex -v -n options to display the build commands to configure an IDE. You can also use the mex script options to modify the build steps.

Include Files

Header files for the MATLAB® API (MEX-files, engine, and MAT-files).

  • matrix.h—C/C++ header file containing a definition of the mxArray structure and function prototypes for matrix access routines.

  • mex.h—Header file for building C/C++ MEX-files. Contains function prototypes for mex routines.

  • engine.h—C/C++ header file for MATLAB engine programs. Contains function prototypes for engine routines.

  • mat.h—C/C++ header file for programs accessing MAT-files. Contains function prototypes for mat routines.

  • fintrf.h—Header file for building Fortran MEX-files. Contains function prototypes for mex routines.

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