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View MATLAB Functions from Visual Basic .NET Object Browser

You can find out what methods are available from a MATLAB® Automation server using the Object Browser of your Microsoft® Visual Basic® client application. To do this, follow this procedure in the client application to reference the MATLAB Application Type Library:

  1. Select the Project menu.

  2. Select Reference from the subsequent menu.

  3. Check the box next to the MATLAB Application Type Library.

  4. Click OK.

This enables you to view MATLAB Automation methods from the Visual Basic Object Browser under the Library called MLAPP. You can also see a list of MATLAB Automation methods when you use the term Matlab followed by a period. For example:

Dim Matlab As MLApp.MLApp
Private Sub View_Methods()
Matlab = New MLApp.MLApp
'The next line shows a list of MATLAB Automation methods 
End Sub
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