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Control Number of Instances

Limit Instances

You can limit the number of instances of a class that can exist at any one time. For example, a singleton class can have only one instance and must provide a way to access this instance. Create a singleton class using a:

  • Persistent variable to contain the instance

  • Sealed class to prevent subclassing (class Sealed attribute set to true)

  • Private constructor (method Access attribute set to private)

  • Static method to return the handle to the instance, if one exists, or to create the instance when needed.

Singleton Class Implementation

This skeletal class definition shows how you can approach the implementation of a class that allows you to create only one instance at a time:

classdef (Sealed) SingleInstance < handle
   methods (Access = private)
      function obj = SingleInstance
   methods (Static)
      function singleObj = getInstance
         persistent localObj
         if isempty(localObj) || ~isvalid(localObj)
            localObj = SingleInstance;
         singleObj = localObj;

The getInstance static method returns a handle to the object, which the class stores in a persistent variable. getInstance creates an instance only the first time called in a session or when the object becomes invalid. For example:

sobj = SingleInstance.getInstance
sobj = 
  SingleInstance with no properties

As long as sobj exists as a valid handle, calling getInstance returns a handle to the same object. If you delete sobj, then calling getInstance creates an object and returns the handle.

ans =


After deleting the object, you can create a new instance:

sobj = SingleInstance.getInstance;
ans =


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