Access MSSCCI Source Control from Editors

If you are a new user to source control, it is recommended that you select a source control system that is part of the MathWorks® source control integration with the Current Folder browser, such as Subversion® or Git™. For more information, see SVN and Git Source Control Integration topics.

You can create or open a file in the Editor, the Simulink® or Stateflow® products and perform most source control actions from their File > Source Control menus, rather than from the Current Folder browser. Following are some differences in the source control interface process when you use the Editor, Simulink, or Stateflow:

  • You can perform actions on only one file at time.

  • Some of the dialog boxes have a different icon in the title bar. For example, the Check out file(s) dialog box uses the MATLAB® Editor icon instead of the MATLAB icon.

  • You cannot add a new (Untitled) file, but must instead first save the file.

  • You cannot register projects from the Simulink or Stateflow products. Instead, register a project using the Current Folder browser, as described in Register Source Control Project with MATLAB Software.

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