Colors in the MATLAB Editor

Colors in the Editor help you to read code, identify code elements, and evaluate sections of code. To find out why certain portions of your code appear in color, how to change the color, or learn more about the features highlighted in color, see the table that follows.

Sample (Using Default Colors)What the Color Indicates

Different types of language elements, such as keywords, comments, and strings appear in different colors. This is called syntax highlighting.

See also, Syntax Highlighting

Teal blue characters indicate variables with shared scope

Sky blue shading indicates function or variable names that match the name in which the cursor is currently placed.

See also, Check Variable Scope in Editor.

Orange and red wavy underlines indicate warning and error conditions, respectively.

Orange shading indicates coding issues that MATLAB® can correct for you.

See also, Check Code for Errors and Warnings

Yellow highlighting indicates code sections, which:

  • Help you visually identify subsections of code

  • Enable you to publish and run subsections of code.

See also, Divide Your File into Code Sections

Red dots represent breakpoints, which you use in debugging.

If you attempt to run your code, MATLAB stops at the first breakpoint it encounters.

See also, Debug a MATLAB Program

A gray vertical line indicates the location of a particular column in the Editor that you can use to limit line widths.

The Editor does not enforce the limit.

See also, Right-Side Text Limit Indicator

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