Combine Cell Arrays

This example shows how to combine cell arrays by concatenation or nesting. To run the code in this example, create several cell arrays with the same number of columns:

C1 = {1, 2, 3};
C2 = {'A', 'B', 'C'};
C3 = {10, 20, 30};

Concatenate cell arrays with the array concatenation operator, []. In this example, vertically concatenate the cell arrays by separating them with semicolons:

C4 = [C1; C2; C3]

C4 is a 3-by-3 cell array:

C4 = 
    [ 1]    [ 2]    [ 3]
    'A'     'B'     'C' 
    [10]    [20]    [30]

Create a nested cell array with the cell array construction operator, {}:

C5 = {C1; C2; C3}

C5 is a 3-by-1 cell array, where each cell contains a cell array:

C5 = 
    {1x3 cell}
    {1x3 cell}
    {1x3 cell}

For more information, see Concatenating Matrices.

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