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Searching and Replacing

MATLAB® provides several functions for searching and replacing characters in a character array. (MATLAB also supports search and replace operations using regular expressions. See Regular Expressions.)

Consider a character vector named label:

label = 'Sample 1, 10/28/95';

The strrep function performs the standard search-and-replace operation. Use strrep to change the date from '10/28' to '10/30':

newlabel = strrep(label, '28', '30')
newlabel =
   Sample 1, 10/30/95

strfind returns the starting position of a term you specify within a longer character vector. To find all occurrences of 'amp' inside label, use

position = strfind(label, 'amp')
position =

The position within label where the only occurrence of 'amp' begins is the second character.

The textscan function parses a character array to identify numbers or subarrays of characters. Describe each component with conversion specifiers, such as %s for character vectors, %d for integers, or %f for floating-point numbers. Optionally, include any literal text to ignore.

For example, identify the sample number and date from label:

parts = textscan(label, 'Sample %d, %s');

ans =
ans = 

To parse character vectors in a cell array, use the strtok function. For example:

c = {'all in good time'; ...
     'my dog has fleas'; ...
     'leave no stone unturned'};
first_words = strtok(c)
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