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MSSCCI Source Control Interface

    Note:   MSSCCI support will be removed in a future release. Replace this functionality with one of the following options.

    • Use a source control system that is part of the MathWorks® Source Control Integration with the Current Folder browser.

    • Use the Source Control Software Development Kit to create a plug-in for your source control.

    • Use the MATLAB® system function and the command-line API for your source control tool to replicate existing functionality.

If you use source control systems to manage your files, you can interface with the systems to perform source control actions from within the MATLAB, Simulink®, and Stateflow® products. Use menu items in the MATLAB, Simulink, or Stateflow products, or run functions in the MATLAB Command Window to interface with your source control systems.

The source control interface on Windows® works with any source control system that conforms to the Microsoft® Common Source Control standard, Version 1.1. If your source control system does not conform to the standard, use a Microsoft Source Code Control API wrapper product for your source control system so that you can interface with it from the MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow products.

This documentation uses the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe® software as an example. Your source control system might use different terminology and not support the same options or might use them in a different way. Regardless, you should be able to perform similar actions with your source control system based on this documentation.

Perform most source control interface actions from the Current Folder browser. You can also perform many of these actions for a single file from the MATLAB Editor, a Simulink model window, or a Stateflow chart window—for more information, see Access MSSCCI Source Control from Editors.

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