Specify Source Control System on UNIX Platforms

If you are a new user to source control, it is recommended that you select a source control system that is part of the MathWorks® source control integration with the Current Folder browser, such as Subversion® or Git™. For more information, see SVN and Git Source Control Integration topics.

MATLAB Desktop Alternative

To specify the source control system you want to access, click Preferences on the Home tab, and select MATLAB > General > Source Control.

The currently selected system is shown in the Preferences dialog box. The default selection is None.

Select the source control system with which you want to interface and click OK.

MATLAB® remembers preferences between sessions, so you only need to perform this action when you want to access a different source control system.

Function Alternative

A function alternative to select a source control system is not available, but you can list the currently selected source control system by running cmopts.

Setting a View and Checking Out a Folder with ClearCase Software on UNIX Platforms

If you use ClearCase® software on a UNIX® platform, perform the following from ClearCase:

  1. Set a view.

  2. Check out the folder that contains files you want to save, check in, or check out.

You can now use the MATLAB, Simulink®, or Stateflow® source control interfaces to ClearCase software.

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