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Troubleshoot MSSCCI Source Control Problems

    Note:   MSSCCI support will be removed in a future release. Replace this functionality with one of the following options.

    • Use a source control system that is part of the MathWorks® Source Control Integration with the Current Folder browser.

    • Use the Source Control Software Development Kit to create a plug-in for your source control.

    • Use the MATLAB® system function to access the command-line API for your source control tool. This option does not provide integration with the MATLAB Current Folder browser menus or source control status column.

Source Control Error: Provider Not Present or Not Installed Properly

In some cases, MATLAB software recognizes your source control system but you cannot use source control features for MATLAB. Specifically, when you select MATLAB > General > Source Control in the Preferences dialog box, MATLAB lists your source control system, but you cannot perform any source control actions. Only the Start Source Control System item is available, and when you select it, MATLAB displays this error:

Source control provider is not present or not installed properly.

Often, this error occurs because a registry key that MATLAB requires from the source control application is not present. Make sure this registry key is present:


The registry key refers to another registry key that is similar to


This registry key has a path to a DLL-file in the file system. Make sure the DLL-file exists in that location. If you are not familiar with registry keys, ask your system administrator for help.

If this does not solve the problem and you use Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®, try running a client setup for your source control application. When SourceSafe is installed on a server for a group to use, each machine client can run a setup but is not required to do so. However, some applications that interface with SourceSafe, including MATLAB, require you to run the client setup. Run the client setup, which should resolve the problem.

If the problem persists, access source control outside of MATLAB.

Restriction Against @ Character

Some source control systems, such as Perforce® and Synergy™, reserve the @ character. Perforce, for example, uses it as a revision specifier. Therefore, you might experience problems if you use these source control systems with MATLAB files and folders that include the @ character in the folder or file name.

You might be able to work around this restriction by quoting nonstandard characters in file names, such as with an escape sequence, which some source control systems allow. Consult your source control system documentation or technical support resources for a workaround.

Add to Source Control Is the Only Action Available

To use source control features for a file in the Simulink® or Stateflow® products, the file's source control project must first be registered with MATLAB. When a file's source control project is not registered with MATLAB, all MATLAB > General > Source Control menu items on the Preferences dialog box are disabled except Add to Source Control. You can select Add to Source Control, which registers the project with MATLAB, or you can register the project using the Current Folder browser, as described in Register Source Control Project with MATLAB Software. You can then perform source control actions for all files in that project (folder).

More Solutions for Source Control Problems

The latest solutions for problems interfacing MATLAB with a source control system appear on the MathWorks Web page for support at Search Solutions and Technical Notes for "source control."

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