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NetCDF Files

Network Common Data Form

High-level functions make it easy to read a data set from a NetCDF file or write a variable from the MATLAB® workspace into a NetCDF file. Low-level functions in the MATLAB netcdf package provide interfaces to dozens of functions in the NetCDF library. To use the low-level functions, you should be familiar with the NetCDF C interface.


nccreate Create variable in NetCDF file
ncdisp Display contents of NetCDF data source in Command Window
ncinfo Return information about NetCDF data source
ncread Read data from variable in NetCDF data source
ncreadatt Read attribute value from NetCDF data source
ncwrite Write data to NetCDF file
ncwriteatt Write attribute to NetCDF file
ncwriteschema Add NetCDF schema definitions to NetCDF file


netcdf Interact directly with NetCDF Library

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