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Dialog Boxes

Report status, gather user input, and interact with operating system or printers

Use dialog boxes to report status, ask questions, present printing options, or allow users to select folders and files on their system. Most dialog boxes have a predefined layout and behavior. In most cases, you can specify some aspects of the appearance and behavior, such as the text to display or the default selection.


errordlg Create error dialog box
warndlg Create warning dialog box
msgbox Create message dialog box
helpdlg Create help dialog box
waitbar Open or update wait bar dialog box
questdlg Create question dialog box
inputdlg Create dialog box that gathers user input
listdlg Create list selection dialog box
uisetcolor Open color picker
uisetfont Open font selection dialog box
export2wsdlg Create dialog box for exporting variables to workspace
uigetfile Open file selection dialog box
uiputfile Open dialog box for saving files
uigetdir Open folder selection dialog box
uiopen Open dialog box for selecting files to load into workspace
uisave Open dialog box for saving variables to MAT-file
printdlg Open figure Print dialog box
printpreview Open figure Print Preview dialog box
exportsetupdlg Open figure Export Setup dialog box
dialog Create empty modal dialog box
uigetpref Conditionally open dialog box according to user preference
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