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Add folders to search path


  • addpath(folderName1,...,folderNameN)
  • addpath(folderName1,...,folderNameN,position)



addpath(folderName1,...,folderNameN) adds the specified folders to the top of the search path for the current MATLAB® session.


addpath(folderName1,...,folderNameN,position) adds the specified folders to the top or bottom of the search path, as specified by position.


addpath(___,'-frozen') additionally disables folder change detection for folders being added in Windows®. Use this syntax with any of the arguments in previous syntaxes. You can specify '-frozen' and position in either order. Use this syntax to conserve Windows change notification resources (Windows only). For more information, type help changenotification in the Command Window.


oldpath = addpath(___) additionally returns the path prior to adding the specified folders.


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Add Folder to Top of Search Path

Create a folder, add it to the top of your search path, and then save the search path for future MATLAB sessions.

savepath c:/matlab/myfiles/pathdef.m

Add Folder to End of Search Path

Add c:/matlab/myfiles to the end of the search path.


Add Folder and Its Subfolders to Search Path

Add c:/matlab/myfiles and its subfolders to the search path.

Call genpath inside of addpath to add all subfolders of c:/matlab/myfiles to the search path.


Add Folder to Search Path and Disable Folder Change Notification

On Windows, add the folder c:/matlab/myfiles to the top of the search path, disable folder change notification, and return the search path before adding the folder.

oldpath = addpath('c:/matlab/myfiles','-frozen');

Input Arguments

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folderName1,...,folderNameN — Folder names to add to search pathstring

Folder names to add to the search path, specified as strings. Use the full path name for each folder. Use genpath with addpath to add all subfolders of folderName.

Example: 'c:\matlab\work'

Example: '/home/user/matlab'

Example: '/home/user/matlab','/home/user/matlab/test'

position — Position on search path'-begin' (default) | '-end'

Position on the search path, specified as one of these strings.

Value of position



Add specified folders to the top of the search path.


Add specified folders to the bottom of the search path.

Output Arguments

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oldpath — Path prior to addition of foldersstring

Path prior to the addition of folders, returned as a string.

More About

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  • To save the newly modified search path for future MATLAB sessions, use the savepath function. Alternatively, use addpath statements in a startup.m file to modify the search path programmatically at startup.

  • If you use addpath within a local function, the path change persists after program control returns from the function. That is, the scope of the path change is global.

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Introduced before R2006a

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