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Convert array to timetable


TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',rowTimes)
TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',rowTimes,'VariableNames',{varName1,...,varNameN})



TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',rowTimes) converts X and rowTimes to a timetable. X is an M-by-N array and rowTimes is an M-by-1 vector of datetime or duration values. Each column of X becomes a variable of TT. The time values in rowTimes label the rows of the timetable. TT is an M-by-N timetable.

For more information on creating and using timetables, see Timetables.


TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',rowTimes,'VariableNames',{varName1,...,varNameN}) assigns the names varName1,...,varNameN to the variables in TT. The variable names must be unique, valid MATLAB® identifiers in a cell array.


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Convert an array to a timetable. Add a vector of durations as the row times.

X = rand(5,3);
Time = [seconds(1):seconds(1):seconds(5)];
TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',Time)
TT=5x3 timetable
     Time      X1         X2         X3   
    _____    _______    _______    _______

    1 sec    0.81472    0.09754    0.15761
    2 sec    0.90579     0.2785    0.97059
    3 sec    0.12699    0.54688    0.95717
    4 sec    0.91338    0.95751    0.48538
    5 sec    0.63236    0.96489    0.80028

Return the size of the timetable. TT contains five rows and three variables. The set of row times is a table property. The row times are not contained in a table variable.

ans = 

     5     3

Convert an array to a timetable. Specify the row times as a datetime vector. Specify names for the timetable variables.

X = randi([70 90],5,3);
Time = datetime(2016,7,1:5);
varNames = {'Temp1','Temp2','Temp3'};
TT = array2timetable(X,'RowTimes',Time,'VariableNames',varNames)
TT=5x3 timetable
        Time       Temp1    Temp2    Temp3
    ___________    _____    _____    _____

    01-Jul-2016    87       72       73   
    02-Jul-2016    89       75       90   
    03-Jul-2016    72       81       90   
    04-Jul-2016    89       90       80   
    05-Jul-2016    83       90       86   

Input Arguments

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Input matrix.

Data Types: single | double | int8 | int16 | int32 | int64 | uint8 | uint16 | uint32 | uint64 | logical | string | char | categorical | datetime | duration | calendarDuration
Complex Number Support: Yes

Output Arguments

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Output timetable. The timetable can store metadata such as descriptions, variable units, variable names, and row times. For more information, see the Properties section of timetable.

Introduced in R2016b

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