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Information about Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) file

    Note:   aviinfo will be removed in a future release. Use VideoReader instead.


fileinfo = aviinfo(filename)


fileinfo = aviinfo(filename) returns a structure whose fields contain information about the AVI file specified in the character vector filename. If filename does not include an extension, then .avi is used. The file must be in the current working directory or in a directory on the MATLAB® path.

The set of fields in the fileinfo structure is shown below.

Field Name



Character vector containing the name of the format used to store the audio data, if audio data is present


Integer indicating the sample rate in Hertz of the audio stream, if audio data is present


Character vector specifying the name of the file


Character vector containing the modification date of the file


Integer indicating the size of the file in bytes


Integer indicating the desired frames per second


Integer indicating the height of the AVI movie in pixels


Character vector indicating the type of image. Either 'truecolor' for a truecolor (RGB) image, or 'indexed' for an indexed image.


Integer indicating the number of channels in the audio stream, if audio data is present


Integer indicating the total number of frames in the movie


Integer specifying the number of colormap entries. For a truecolor image, this value is 0 (zero).


Number between 0 and 100 indicating the video quality in the AVI file. Higher quality numbers indicate higher video quality; lower quality numbers indicate lower video quality. This value is not always set in AVI files and therefore can be inaccurate.


Character vector containing the compressor used to compress the AVI file. If the compressor is not Microsoft® Video 1, Run Length Encoding (RLE), Cinepak, or Intel® Indeo, aviinfo returns the four-character code that identifies the compressor.


Integer indicating the width of the AVI movie in pixels

Introduced before R2006a

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