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Brighten or darken colormap


newmap = brighten(beta)
newmap = brighten(cmap,beta)


brighten(beta) increases or decreases the color intensities in a colormap by replacing the current colormap with a brighter or darker colormap of essentially the same colors. The modified colormap is brighter if 0 < beta < 1 and darker if -1 < beta < 0. brighten(beta), followed by brighten(-beta), where beta < 1, restores the original map.

brighten(h,beta) brightens all objects that are children of the figure having the handle h.

newmap = brighten(beta) returns a brighter or darker version of the current colormap without changing the display.

newmap = brighten(cmap,beta) returns a brighter or darker version of the colormap cmap without changing the display.


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Display a surface plot of membrane.


Brighten the colormap.

beta = .7;

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brighten raises values in the colormap to the power of gamma, where gamma is


brighten has no effect on graphics objects defined with true color.

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Introduced before R2006a

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