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builddocsearchdb(folder) builds a searchable database from HTML files in the specified folder.

The builddocsearchdb function creates a subfolder named helpsearch to contain the database files. The database enables MATLAB® to search for content within the HTML files, as long as the version of MATLAB is the same as the version used to create the database.

Beginning with MATLAB R2014b, you can maintain search indexes side by side. For instance, if you already have a search index for MATLAB R2014a or earlier, run builddocsearchdb against your help files using MATLAB R2014b. Then, when you run any MATLAB release, the help browser automatically uses the appropriate index for searching your documentation database.


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Search Custom Help Files

Build a search database for custom help files.

MATLAB includes a set of sample files to demonstrate how to create a custom toolbox and supporting documentation. This sample toolbox is called the Upslope Area Toolbox. The upslope folder includes a file named info.xml, which is required to display custom documentation, and a subfolder named html, which contains HTML documentation and supporting files.

Copy the sample files to a temporary folder, and add the copied files to the path.

sample = fullfile(...
tmp = tempname;

Create a search database.

folder = fullfile(tmp,'html');

Open the Supplemental Software documentation browser. There is a link to this browser at the bottom of the documentation home page.

Search the supplemental documentation for the term tarboton, which appears in several of the example help files. The search returns several results from the Upslope Area Toolbox.

Remove the temporary example files.


Input Arguments

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folder — Full path to folder with HTML filesstring

Full path to a folder with HTML files, specified as a string.

To include a particular HTML document in the search database, the builddocsearchdb function requires that:

  • The document has a title.

  • The content is different from the title.

Example: builddocsearchdb('c:\myfiles\html')

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