Basic characteristics of Common Data Format (CDF) file


info = cdflib.inquire(cdfId)


info = cdflib.inquire(cdfId) returns basic information about a Common Data Format (CDF) file.

Input Arguments


Identifier of a CDF file, returned by a call to cdflib.create or

Output Arguments


A structure containing the following fields:

encodingEncoding of the variable data and attribute entry data
majorityMajority of the variable data
maxRecMaximum record number written to a CDF variable
numVarsNumber of CDF variables
numvAttrsNumber of attributes with variable scope
numgAttrsNumber of attributes with global scope


Open the example CDF file, and then get basic information about the file:

cdfId ='example.cdf');

info = cdflib.inquire(cdfId)

info = 

     encoding: 'IBMPC_ENCODING'
     majority: 'ROW_MAJOR'
       maxRec: 23
      numVars: 5
    numvAttrs: 1
    numgAttrs: 3


This function corresponds to the CDF library C API routines CDFinquireCDF and CDFgetNumgAttributes.

To use this function, you must be familiar with the CDF C interface. Read the CDF documentation at the CDF Web site.

For copyright information, see the cdfcopyright.txt file.

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