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Rearrange colors in colormap


[Y,newmap] = cmpermute(X,map)
[Y,newmap] = cmpermute(X,map,index)


[Y,newmap] = cmpermute(X,map) randomly reorders the colors in map to produce a new colormap, newmap. The cmpermute function also modifies the values in X to maintain correspondence between the indices and the colormap, and returns the result in Y. The image Y and associated colormap, newmap, produce the same image as X and map.

[Y,newmap] = cmpermute(X,map,index) uses an ordering matrix (such as the second output of sort) to define the order of colors in the new colormap.

Class Support

The input image X can be of class uint8 or double. Y is returned as an array of the same class as X.


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Load the clown data set to get image X and its associated colormap, map. Display the image.

load clown

Randomly reorder the colormap to get the new colormap, newmap. Display image X with the new colormap.

[Y, newmap] = cmpermute(X,map);

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