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Grayscale colormap for contrast enhancement


cmap = contrast(X)
cmap = contrast(X,m)


The contrast function enhances the contrast of an image. It creates a new gray colormap, cmap, that has an approximately equal intensity distribution. All three elements in each row are identical.

cmap = contrast(X) returns a gray colormap that is the same length as the current colormap. If there are NaN or Inf elements in X the length of the colormap increases.

cmap = contrast(X,m) returns an m-by-3 gray colormap.


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Load clown to get image X and its associated colormap, map. Display the image produced by X and map.

load clown 

Use contrast to return a gray colormap that is the same length as the current colormap, map. Display the image with the new colormap, cmap.

cmap = contrast(X);

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Introduced before R2006a

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