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Create SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message to send to server

createSoapMessage will be removed in a future release. Use matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClient instead.


message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types)
message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types,style)



message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types) creates a SOAP message.

message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types,style) creates message with specified style.


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This example assumes the library is on a local intranet and does not use an actual endpoint; therefore, you cannot run it.

Retrieve the name of the author of a book titled “In the Fall.” The relative path of the library service is urn:LibraryCatalog. To get the author's name, use the getAuthor function, which takes the book name as the input value. The getAuthor parameter is nameToLookUp. The XML data type for title is {}string. The SOAP message style is rpc by default.

Create the SOAP message.

message = createSoapMessage(...
  {'In the Fall'},...
message =
[#document: null]

This response does not necessarily indicate that the message is valid, although certain input problems produce error messages.

Send the message to the server for processing, and get the author's name back. The server endpoint is http://test/soap/services/LibraryCatalog. The server method is urn:LibraryCatalog#getAuthor.

response = callSoapService(...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<getAuthorResponse xmlns="urn:LibraryCatalog">
<ns1:getAuthorReturn xmlns:ns1="http://latestversion.soap.test">
Kate Alvin

MATLAB® returns the message in a single line, displayed here on separate lines for legibility.

Extract the author's name.

author = parseSoapResponse(response)
author = Kate Alvin

MATLAB automatically converted the XML string data type to char.

Input Arguments

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Location of Web service, specified as a string in the form of a valid Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

Example: 'urn:LibraryCatalog'

Name of Web service operation, specified as a string.

Example: 'getAuthor'

Input arguments for method, specified as a cell array.

Example: {'In the Fall'}

Parameter for method, specified as a cell array.

Example: {'nameToLookUp'}

XML data types for values, specified as a cell array.

Example: {'{}string'}

Style for structuring the SOAP message, specified as one of these values. Use a style supported by the service specified in namespace.


Remote Procedure Call (RPC) encoding


Document-style encoding

Output Arguments

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Java document object model (DOM), returned as a string. Use message as input to callSoapService function.

Introduced before R2006a

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