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Evaluate MATLAB expression with capture


T = evalc(expression)
[T,output1,...,outputN] = evalc(expression)


T = evalc(expression) is the same as eval(expression) except that anything that would normally be written to the command window, except for error messages, is captured and returned in the character array T (lines in T are separated by \n characters).

[T,output1,...,outputN] = evalc(expression) is the same as [output1,...,outputN] = eval(expression) except that any output is captured into T.

Input Arguments


Character vector that contains a valid MATLAB® expression.

To include a numeric value in the expression, convert it to a character vector with int2str, num2str, or sprintf.

Output Arguments


Output normally written to the command window during the evaluation of expression, except for error messages, returned in a character array. The lines in T are separated by \n characters.


Outputs from the evaluated expression.

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When you are using evalc, functions diary, more, and input are disabled.

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Introduced before R2006a

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