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Information about file I/O errors


message = ferror(fileID)
[message, errnum] = ferror(fileID)
[...] = ferror(fileID, 'clear')


message = ferror(fileID) returns the error message for the most recent file I/O operation on the specified file. message is an empty string when the most recent I/O operation is successful or when you clear it manually. fileID is an integer file identifier obtained from fopen, or an identifier reserved for standard input (0), standard output (1), or standard error (2).

[message, errnum] = ferror(fileID) returns the error number. If the most recent file I/O operation was successful, errnum is 0. A nonzero errnum indicates that an error occurred. Negative values correspond to MATLAB® error messages. Positive values correspond to C library error messages for your system.

[...] = ferror(fileID, 'clear') clears the error indicator for the specified file. When you clear the error indicator, succeeding calls to ferror behave as if the most recent I/O operation was successful.

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Introduced before R2006a

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