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Character to separate file name and internal function name


M = filemarker


M = filemarker returns the character that separates a file and a within-file function name.


On the Microsoft® Windows® platform, for example, filemarker returns the '>' character:


ans =

You can use the following command on any platform to get the help text for the local function validateSizes defined in imwrite.m:

 helptext = help(['imwrite' filemarker 'validateSizes'])

helptext =
  How many bytes does each element occupy in memory? 

You can use the filemarker character to indicate a location within a MATLAB® program file where you want to set a breakpoint, for example. On all platforms, if you need to distinguish between two nested functions with the same name, use the forward slash (/) character to indicate the path to a particular instance of a function.

For instance, suppose myfunction.m contains this code:

function x = myfunction
    function y = mynested1
	function z = mynested2

function m = myfunction2
    function n = mynested1

To indicate that you want to set a breakpoint at function mynested1 nested within function myfunction, use the following command on the Windows platform:

dbstop myfunction>myfunction/mynested1

To indicate that you want to set a breakpoint at function mynested2 nested within function myfunction use the following command on the Windows platform:

dbstop myfunction>mynested2

In the first case, you specify myfunction/mynested1 because myfunction.m contains two nested functions named mynested1. In the second case, there is no need to specify myfunction/mynested2 because there is only one function mynested2 within myfunction.m.

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Introduced in R2006a

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