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Find all graphics objects


object_handles = findall(handle_list)
object_handles = findall(handle_list,'property','value',...)


object_handles = findall(handle_list) returns the handles, including hidden handles, of all objects in the hierarchy under the objects identified in handle_list.

object_handles = findall(handle_list,'property','value',...) returns the handles of all objects in the hierarchy under the objects identified in handle_list that have the specified properties set to the specified values.


xlabel xlab
a = findall(gcf)
b = findobj(gcf)
c = findall(b,'Type','text') 
% returns the xlabel handle twice
d = findobj(b,'Type','text')
% can't find the xlabel handle

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findall is similar to findobj, except that it finds objects even if their HandleVisibility is set to off.

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Introduced before R2006a

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