Locate graphics objects with specific properties


h = findobj
h = findobj('PropertyName',PropertyValue,...)
h = findobj('PropertyName',PropertyValue,'-logicaloperator', PropertyName',PropertyValue,...)
h = findobj('-regexp','PropertyName','regexp',...)
h = findobj('-property','PropertyName')
h = findobj(objhandles,...)
h = findobj(objhandles,'-depth',d,...)
h = findobj(objhandles,'flat','PropertyName',PropertyValue,...)


findobj returns handles of the root object and all its descendants without assigning the result to a variable.

h = findobj returns handles of the root object and all its descendants.

h = findobj('PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) returns handles of all graphics objects having the property PropertyName, set to the value PropertyValue. You can specify more than one property/value pair, in which case, findobj returns only those objects having all specified values.

h = findobj('PropertyName',PropertyValue,'-logicaloperator', PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) applies the logical operator to the property value matching. Possible values for -logicaloperator are:

  • -and

  • -or

  • -xor

  • -not

For more information on logical operators, see Logical Operations.

h = findobj('-regexp','PropertyName','regexp',...) matches objects using regular expressions as if the value of you passed the property PropertyName to the regexp function as

If a match occurs, findobj returns the object handle. See the regexp function for information on how the MATLAB® software uses regular expressions.

h = findobj('-property','PropertyName') finds all objects having the specified property.

h = findobj(objhandles,...) restricts the search to objects listed in objhandles and their descendants.

h = findobj(objhandles,'-depth',d,...) specifies the depth of the search. The depth argument d controls how many levels under the handles in objhandles MATLAB traverses. Specify d as inf to get the default behavior of all levels. Specify d as 0 to get the same behavior as using the flat argument.

h = findobj(objhandles,'flat','PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) restricts the search to those objects listed in objhandles and does not search descendants.

findobj returns an error if a handle refers to a nonexistent graphics object.

findobj correctly matches any legal property value. For example,

finds all objects having a Color property set to red, r, or [1 0 0].

When a graphics object is a descendant of more than one object identified in objhandles, MATLAB searches the object each time findobj encounters its handle. Therefore, implicit references to a graphics object can result in multiple returns of its handle.

To find handle objects that meet specified conditions, use findobj.


Find all line objects in the current axes:

h = findobj(gca,'Type','line')

Find all objects having a Label set to 'foo' and a String set to 'bar':

h = findobj('Label','foo','-and','String','bar');

Find all objects whose String is not 'foo' and is not 'bar':

h = findobj('-not','String','foo','-not','String','bar');

Find all objects having a String set to 'foo' and a Tag set to 'button one' and whose Color is not 'red' or 'blue':

h = findobj('String','foo','-and','Tag','button one',...

Find all objects for which you have assigned a value to the Tag property (that is, the value is not the empty string ''):

h = findobj('-regexp','Tag','[^'']')

Find all children of the current figure that have their BackgroundColor property set to a certain shade of gray ([.7 .7 .7]). This statement also searches the current figure for the matching property value pair.

h = findobj(gcf,'-depth',1,'BackgroundColor',[.7 .7 .7])

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